Permanent Retainers Kingwood, TX

Permanent retainers may be a better option for you!

After you have your braces removed, it is most likely that your orthodontist will require you to use retainers. Because your teeth might still move around and resist their new positions, it’s important that you have an appliance that will keep them in place and reinforce their new alignment. There are lots of types of retainers available and depending on your preference and specific case, your orthodontist might suggest a certain retainer type. One of the common kinds of retainers available is the fixed retainer. This particular type offers the same support and reinforcement that other retainers provide, with the sole exception that it can’t be removed.

How Do Permanent Retainers Work?

Fixed orthodontic retainers work the same way other teeth retainers do. They take the shape of your teeth’s new alignment and apply resistive force to limit and restrict the movements of your teeth. Fixed retainers are usually made up of metal wires that come together to produce the appropriate directional forces in order to maintain your teeth’s alignment.

The Benefits of Choosing Permanent Teeth Retainers

If you want to get retainers with minimal maintenance requirements, you should choose fixed retainers. Orthodontic fixed retainers are the appliance of choice for people who understand the need to reinforce their new teeth alignment but would much rather do without the tedious retainer maintenance process. Fixed orthodontic retainers require the least care and cleaning and are less likely to require constant adjustment because of the fact that they stay bonded and fixed onto the teeth themselves.

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Care Requirements for Permanent Teeth Retainers

Because clients aren’t able to remove orthodontic fixed retainers on their own, it is the orthodontic specialists’ responsibility to clean and maintain them. Your orthodontist will require you to visit their clinic on scheduled dates in order for them to perform the necessary adjustment of your orthodontic fixed retainers. Aside from this, there are certain steps you have to take to ensure that your retainers are kept safe from damage, including avoiding certain foods and using special toothbrushes and cleaning agents to maintain your fixed retainers.

Get Your Retainers at Kimbrough Orthodontics

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