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Hawley Retainers keep your smile straight and beautiful!

If you thought your journey to the perfect smile ends when your braces are removed, you thought wrong. Your teeth are at risk of moving around and resisting their new alignment when your braces are taken out, which is why it’s important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that they stay in place even after the fixations are removed. This is the reason why orthodontists require their clients to make use of retainers post braces.

There are many different kinds of retainers and the most common of them all is the Hawley retainer. The Hawley retainer makes it possible for your teeth to maintain their new positions without causing too much discomfort or pressure on the client.

What Materials Make Up the Hawley Retainers?

Hawley retainers apply gentle force on the teeth to keep them in their positions after braces are removed. This happens by the combination of forces produced by the two different parts of the Hawley retainers – particularly the acrylic body and the wires. Both of these major components are crafted from high-grade materials that are safe for use in the mouth to ensure that they don’t only resist the movements of teeth, but also last long enough until the perfect alignment is achieved.

How Does a Hawley Appliance Work?

The acrylic body of the Hawley spring retainer is shaped to conform to the user’s palette. This works as the leverage for the wires to attach to. The responsibility of keeping the teeth from moving around is taken on by the many different wires that attach to the acrylic and latch onto teeth to secure them in place. The Hawley appliance works to reduce and resist the movement of teeth after the removal of braces in order to maintain the correct alignment.

The Benefits of Choosing the Hawley Retainer

Hawley retainers can be customized to have different colors and patterns which make them ideal for small children and young clients. They’re durable and adjustable, so orthodontists can work with the same pair of Hawley retainers if and when they start to change fit due to wear and tear. This means clients don’t have to keep buying new retainers when their Hawley appliance starts to shift shapes. What’s more, Hawley retainers don’t interrupt the client’s natural bite, making it a lot more natural and comfortable to use.

If you’re not completely sure about it, read up on the benefits of clear retainers.

Where to Get Your Hawley Retainers

Your retainers are just as important as the braces you used before them. See to it that the results brought about by your dental braces are adequately reinforced by getting your retainers from a reliable source. Kimbrough Orthodontics has been in the business for years and has been perfecting the smiles of hundreds of happy patients. Our team of orthodontic specialists strives to bring out the best of your Smile, so you can be sure that you’re in good hands with Kimbrough Orthodontics.

Don’t let your teeth fall back into misalignment – get the best retainers today! Visit or call Kimbrough Orthodontics to perfect your smile today!

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