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Are you considering overbite correction?

Teeth alignment problems aren’t always immediately apparent. Some issues with teeth alignment are often unseen to the unknowing observer, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less of a trouble. Misaligned teeth can come in the form of an overbite which means the upper row of your teeth overlaps the ones below it. This can cause the upper jaw to protrude more forward than the upper jaw, making for an awkward appearance and a faulty bite.

Many people who have overbites often complain of occlusion problems and even aesthetic issues. If you want to resolve your overbite, make sure you visit professional orthodontic specialists to give your appropriate solutions. We at Kimbrough Orthodontics take pride in our ability to take any teeth alignment problem and create a perfect smile.

Getting Effective Overbite Correction

For some, an overbite might not seem like a major cause for concern, especially if it’s not immediately apparent. As long as it doesn’t affect their appearance too much, an overbite can be something many people choose to live with. But when your overbite becomes the reason for decreased self-confidence, you should consider having it corrected. Another reason to undergo overbite correction is to avoid more problems in the future caused by continuous pressure and wear on your lower row of teeth and early degradation.

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Overbite Correction Treatment

There are a few options you can choose from to fix overbite and these include both braces and overbite surgery. Braces work well for those with overbite problems caused by the teeth themselves. By realigning the teeth and pushing back the upper row, braces can resolve overbite problems in just a few year's time. But for overbite problems that are caused by the jaw itself, an orthodontist might suggest that a patient undergo overbite surgery to resolve the situation.

Choose the Right Orthodontist for Your Overbite Treatment

Overbite correction is no simple task. Making the slightest mistake during the procedure could change the way you look forever! Don’t trust just anyone with your overbite treatment and give yourself the best smile with Kimbrough Orthodontics. We’ve been in the business of correcting misaligned teeth for years and our professional orthodontic specialists have the skills and knowledge necessary to resolve each and every problem to bring out the best results.

Give yourself a superstar smile today and choose Kimbrough Orthodontics for your orthodontic service needs. Call our office today and book an appointment. us today!

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