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Crowded teeth can be extremely damaging to your confidence and your dental health. Who doesn’t want a clean, pleasant-looking smile? When you face the world and greet those around you, the first thing you do is flash those teeth. When your smile doesn’t look the way you want it to, you may find yourself looking for ways to avoid social contact and to restrict your interactions. Don’t allow yourself to become limited – get the smile you deserve!

One of the most common aesthetic problems people have when it comes to teeth is crowding. When your teeth are packed too tightly, it can be very unsightly. It's important that you get the proper treatment by visiting a professional orthodontic specialist to resolve the problem for you.

Why Should You Get Crowded Teeth Treatment?

More often than not, crowded teeth are caused by genetic factors. It can be because a person’s jaw is too narrow or too small to accommodate all of their teeth or that the teeth themselves are too large for the space that’s available. Either way, there are many treatments available to fix teeth crowding, these treatments are availed through the expertise of an orthodontic specialist.

What Kimbrough Orthodontics Can Do For You

At Kimbrough Orthodontics, we’ve seen it all. From crowded smiles to misaligned teeth and everything else in between — there is no orthodontic related problem that we haven’t resolved in the past. We can take your crowded teeth problem and create the perfect smile, guaranteed to give you a boost of self-confidence and an improved appearance for many years to come. We put the most effective strategies into action that fix crowded teeth, like the use of dental braces and orthodontic retainers. We are more than happy to help you start your journey to a perfect smile!

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Wondering how to fix overcrowded teeth? Wonder no more. At Kimbrough Orthodontics, we get the job done the right way and in the soonest possible timeframe. Our professionals guarantee effective and trouble-free teeth crowding treatments, sure to give you the smile you've always dreamed of. You deserve top-notch orthodontic services at an affordable price, so give yourself the gift of a happier, healthier smile. With many years of orthodontic experience, Dr. Kimbrough is more than happy to provide you with a foolproof treatment plan designed to correct your teeth crowding, improve your confidence, and perfect your smile.

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Crowded teeth corrected by braces

Crowded Teeth FAQs

1What are crowded teeth?
Teeth crowding, also known as (overcrowded teeth), occur when your mouth runs out of space for your growing teeth. When this happens, teeth begin to break away from alignment and crowd each other. This may cause some teeth to protrude forward or backward and cause a noticeably crooked smile.
2What causes teeth crowding?
Crowding can be caused by the late loss of primary teeth, poorly erupting teeth, and in many cases can be inherited and caused by an imbalance of jaw size in relation to tooth size.
3What is the best treatment for teeth crowding?
Metal braces are the most commonly preferred method of treatment orthodontists use to correct overcrowded teeth. Due to the strength and proven effectiveness of the material, metal braces are typically the most reliable option, especially for severe crowding cases. Although metal braces are the most common route, depending on your unique case, you may be a good candidate for other options as well.
4Are crowded teeth inherited?
In many cases, yes. Crowded teeth are often caused by a genetic imbalance of jaw size in relation to tooth size. Such an imbalance causes inadequate space for natural alignment to occur, hence teeth crowding.
5Do overcrowded teeth cause speech problems?
Yes, depending on the severity of the case, crowded teeth may cause speech problems such as slurring or lisps. The reason for crowding-induced speech problems are due to the inadequate space your tongue has for speaking properly and clearly.
6Do clear aligners work for overcrowded teeth?
As long as you are deemed a good candidate for clear aligners, they can straighten crowded teeth. However, for severe cases of overcrowding, traditional metal braces may be your best option.
7Can crowding teeth cause dental health problems?
Yes, crowded teeth can make proper dental hygiene difficult and can even cause gradual tooth decay if untreated.
8Do I need braces?
If you have crowded teeth, you should set up an appointment with Dr. Kimbrough. An experienced orthodontist like Dr. Kimbrough can thoroughly assess your dental profile and suggest the best course of treatment.
9What is the best age to get braces?
Although orthodontic treatment can be beneficial at nearly any age, the ideal timeframe for the placement of braces is around the ages of 10-14. The reason this age range is best is because the head and mouth are still growing and are much more easily accepting of straightening treatments.
10Are their discreet ways to fix teeth crowding in adults?
Of course, there are great options for adults with crowded teeth looking for discreet alignment options. Call our office today and schedule an exam. Dr. Kimbrough is more than happy to assess your current dental state and recommend the best course of treatment tailored to meet your needs.
11Do braces fix crowded teeth?
In short, Yes. Traditional metal braces are the most common way to straighten teeth and correct misaligned bites. Although every case is different, braces are generally the best and most effective way to correct teeth crowding.
12Will I have to have teeth pulled to correct crowding?
In some cases, one or more permanent tooth extractions may need to be performed to create adequate room for your teeth to comfortably settle and benefit from the straightening process.
13Can problems with your Jaw cause crowded teeth?
Yes, jaw problems that cause teeth crowding may include:
  • Cleft lip & palate
  • Excessive pacifier use after the age of 3
  • Prolonged use of bottle-feeding
  • Thumb sucking
  • Injuries that cause jaw misalignment
  • Abnormally shaped or impacted teeth
  • Poor dental care
14Why should I have my crowded teeth straightened?
Correcting crowding teeth will not only boost your confidence but also improve your speech, dental health, and much more.
15How long does it take to fix dental crowding?
The timeframe for correcting crowded teeth depends on each individual patient’s condition and chosen course of treatment.
16Am I too old to fix my crowded teeth?
You are never too old to improve your smile and dental health, call our office today to discuss your best options!
17Can crowded teeth cause pain or discomfort?
Yes, in some cases crowding may cause tooth/jaw discomfort and even headaches.
18Can crowded teeth come back after braces?
Without proper care and use of retainers, it is possible for teeth to re-crowd post orthodontic treatment.
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