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Clear retainers offer a discreet way to maintain your beautifully straight smile!

Once your braces come off, you’ll be required to wear retainers. This will ensure that your teeth maintain their proper alignment to reinforce the changes brought about by your braces. There are different kinds of retainers that you can choose from and one of the most popular today is clear retainers. This particular type of retention device appears more like a mouth guard, made of clear acrylic in the shape of your teeth, worn over them to ensure that they stay in their new alignment.

Many people choose clear dental retainers because of the relative ease of use and maintenance, discreet appearance, and overall comfort. If you want an easy to use, easy to clean, and unnoticeable retention device to finish what your braces started, consider choosing clear retainers.

How Do Clear Retainers Work?

Clear retainers appear more like teeth guards in that they wrap around the teeth forming a sort of barrier around them in order to maintain them in their position.

This particular type of retainer does not apply force, rather applies resistance that limits the possible movements that teeth can perform.

Why You Should Choose Clear Dental Retainers?

There are lots of benefits to using clear dental retainers. First of all, clients usually select this type of retainer for the high level of discreetness they offer. Not a lot of people want those around them noticing their dental braces or orthodontic retainers, and clear teeth retainers make it possible to reinforce the changes started by braces without drawing attention to their existence. Another benefit of these retainers is that they’re easy to clean and maintain. There are very few procedures that users need to observe in order to care for their retainers making them the ideal choice for those who 2: want a low maintenance appliance. Finally, invisible retainers can be inexpensive, especially if you choose the right orthodontist to make them for you.

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Where to Get Your Invisible Retainers?

You wouldn’t trust just any doctor with your health, so why visit an amateur for your orthodontic service needs? Make sure you get your retainers from someone who understands how to bring about the best results. Kimbrough Orthodontics has been in the business for years, providing clients with retainers of all kinds and serving up nothing but happy Smiles all through the years.

Don’t take risks with your retainers and end the journey to the perfect smile with the right appliance for your needs — visit or contact Kimbrough Orthodontics today!

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