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Considering clear aligners? Usually, people with misaligned teeth get braces at an early age to resolve any alignment or bite problems. However, there are some individuals who decide to take that leap towards the perfect smile later in life, and some who would just prefer to forego traditional braces altogether.

While there is no such thing as “too late” when it comes to getting your teeth aligned, the majority of people will agree that having braces during their older years might not seem like the most age-appropriate decision. Because braces are often associated with youth, older generations decide to skip out on having their teeth aligned and give up on the journey towards a perfect smile altogether.

Luckily, there is a discreet alternative to traditional braces- Clear Aligners! This particular teeth straightening option offers individuals the benefits of braces minus the noticeable brackets and fixations.

How Are Clear Aligners Different?

Braces make use of bonded brackets and wires which apply gentle force on the teeth in order to push them into alignment. Brackets are fixed onto the tooth’s surface and work as the stabilizing fixture onto which wires are attached. It is the combination of the forces of these two main parts that cause teeth to move into the right positions.

Invisible aligners, on the other hand, appear more like clear teeth guards. This orthodontic alignment alternative is a tray mold worn over the teeth and works by gently forcing teeth into the right positions as dictated by the shape of the clear aligners.

What Are The Benefits

Those who don’t want the appearance that comes along with getting ceramic or metal braces often opt for clear aligners, as they are the most discrete option when it comes to aligning teeth.

Invisible aligners are most commonly used by adult individuals who want to align their teeth without drawing attention to their efforts. Another benefit of choosing clear aligners for teeth is that they’re a lot more comfortable to use than traditional braces. They can be removed and cleaned when necessary and don’t cause the same uncomfortable sensation that traditional braces are associated with.

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Get Your Clear Aligners at Kimbrough Orthodontics

Are you ready to take the leap towards a happier, straighter smile with invisible aligners?

When looking for teeth straightening treatments, especially invisible aligners, consult with a professional you trust first. At Kimbrough Orthodontics, we are the leading orthodontic facility in Texas today, offering speedy long-lasting results through the expertise of our orthodontic specialists. Get only the best treatment for your teeth by contacting Kimbrough Orthodontics today!

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